Common Sources of Basement Floods in Erie, PA (And How to Protect Against Them!)

Friday, March 16th, 2012 by Taylor Harvel

Common Sources of Basement Floods in Erie PA And How to Protect Against Them - Image 1Did you know that the most common home insurance claim is for water-related damage? Water damage, including leaks and floods, can affect all parts of a home, from head to toe. Water buildup in a home often leads to mold and mildew growth, which can cause serious health issues like asthma, headaches, and eye irritation. Unrepaired water damage can also seriously compromise a home's foundation, leading to cracks and expensive structural repairs. Continue reading to learn how to protect your Erie, PA home from basement floods and leaks!

Identify the Source & Make a Flood Plan!

Basements in Erie, PA can flood in a number of ways. Read below to learn why your basement might be susceptible to flooding.

Basement Flooding from Hatchway Doors

  • Problem: Sump pump or no sump pump, basement flooding can still occur from basement stairs and/or the hatchway door.
  • Solution: To protect your Erie home from stairway basement flooding, a professional basement waterproofing contractor can install a hatchway drainage system that will collect excess water in the area and expel it to your existing perimeter drainage system/sump pump.

Basement Flooding from Plumbing

  • Problem: Let's face it -- at some point, something in your home is going to go wrong. Your water heater might leak, or perhaps a washing machine hose will fail. Either common plumbing failure could cause serious damage to your basement, possessions, and your wallet.
  • Solution: To prevent basement floods in Erie, it's best to be prepared. A certified basement waterproofing contractor can help prevent water heater floods by installing a PVC ring that collects leaky water from the heater and directs it to your existing perimeter drainage system. He or she can also replace an old, rusty washer hose with a durable, well-designed washing machine hose.

Flooding from Sump Pump Failure

  • Problem: Although sump pumps are a key part of many basement waterproofing systems, they can flood if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. Pump burnout, frozen lines, and clogged sump drains are common problems that require immediate attention.
  • Solution #1: Having a sump pump is great, but don't take it for granted! Instead, ask a certified basement waterproofing contractor to install a sump pump alarm that notifies you at the first sign of a flood. The system can even be tied to your home alarm system and notify you via a phone call.
  • Solution #2: Another way to avoid sump pump failure is to install a battery backup sump pump. Your original sump pump relies on electricity to operate; therefore, if you lose power during a bad storm, your sump pump will stop working until power is restored. Prevent possible basement floods in your Erie home with a battery backup pump!

Flooding from Basement Walls & Floors

  • Problem: Cracks in basement walls and floors not only indicate possible structural damage, they can also be a significant source of leaks and/or basement floods. Even the smallest cracks can leak ground water into your basement.
  • Solution: The first step in basement crack repair is to direct potential leaks to your sump pump or existing perimeter drainage system. Then, a certified basement waterproofing contractor will seal the cracks with a durable polyurethane sealant. Finally, he or she will cover/restore the wall or floor to finish the repair.

Klein Basement Systems specializes repairing wet basements in Erie, PA and other surrounding areas. Visit them online for a free basement waterproofing estimate in your city.

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