How to Turn a Wet Basement in Erie, PA into a Dry, Usable Space

Friday, March 16th, 2012 by Taylor Harvel

How to Turn a Wet Basement in Erie PA into a Dry Usable Space - Image 1A wet basement is, unfortunately, a common problem for homeowners in Erie, PA. Wet basements can lead to a number of serious issues, from health concerns like breathing difficulties, allergies, and headaches, to structural or foundation problems like rot, cracks, and mold. Fortunately, a certified basement waterproofing contractor in Erie can turn your wet basement into a dry, usable space in a matter of days!

Diagnose Basement Leaks

Although some wet basements result from plumbing failures or sump pump problems, most wet basements are the direct result of basement leaks. Continue reading to learn how and why most Erie basements leak.

Most basements leak or flood from the wall-floor joint, or where the wall meets the floor. To protect against this type of basement leak, a drainage system can be installed along the perimeter of the basement floor. Its job is to collect accumulated water and direct it to a basement sump pump, which then expels the water outside and away from the home.

Other common sources of basement leaks occur around basement windows, at openings around pipes, and even through concrete. A basement waterproofing contractor in Erie can help diagnose and solve all of these common wet basement issues.

Install a Patented Basement Drainage System

Chances are your Erie basement is wet either because you don't have a perimeter drainage system in place, or because the one you currently have is outdated, clogged, or simply ineffective. A basement waterproofing contractor in Erie can install a patented interior basement drainage system in just one to two days. Interior basement drainage systems cost about half the price of exterior systems and are an excellent way to combat wet basements in Erie, PA!

An interior basement drainage system can be installed underneath the perimeter of your basement floor. Since it sits on top of the footing, it will not clog with dirt or debris. Some perimeter drainage systems can even collect water from basement walls, as well as waterproof concrete foundation walls. A basement waterproofing contractor in Erie can also install a drainage system that is protected against humidity and frozen discharge lines.

Remove Moisture from the Air with an Energy-Efficient Basement Dehumidifier

While many wet basements in Erie result from basement leaks or even flooding, some are simply very humid, damp, and musty spaces. Though this may seem like a lesser problem, humidity can lead to mold growth, mildew, dust mites, pests, serious health concerns, and more. As long as the temperature is above 40°F and humidity is above 60%, mold can and will grow.

One of the best ways to transform your wet basement into a dry, usable space is with an energy-efficient basement dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works to remove moisture (i.e. humidity) from the air in an effort to eliminate mold growth. The water removed from the air is collected in the dehumidifier's collection tray, which must be emptied when full. For a hassle-free way to a dry basement, invest in a self-draining basement dehumidifier that empties the collection tray automatically!

Klein Basement Systems is a basement waterproofing contractor in Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. Visit them online for a free basement waterproofing estimate.

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