Work Requests in Meadville

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Learn more about Klein Home Solutions' recent work requests in Meadville, PA
Vicinity of Linda Lane in Meadville
Stand up shower stall was painted and is pealing. Would like to look at options to replace. Considering tile, if possible.
Vicinity of Hollis Rd in Meadville
Just bought a house. There is an older tub/shower unit and a really ugly shower. They both need refurbished.
Vicinity of Gilmore St in Meadville
Water is coming in along back wall in 2 places.
Vicinity of Stan Rd. in Meadville
Wet basement. House was built in early 1940's. I don't believe there is any drainage around the house.
Vicinity of MEADOW ST in Meadville
Just bought a house. When it rains, there will be standing water in the basement, the next day.
Vicinity of Meadow St. in Meadville
My basement floor is wet with small pools of water near the wall that attaches to my garage. The wall on that side seems somewhat saturated and looks like it is eroding. Email is preferred as I work 7am-5pm, unless you can call at 12pm.
Vicinity of Mullen Road in Meadville
Looking to refinish our pink bathtub
Vicinity of Leslie Rd in Meadville
I was wondering the cost of reglazing a bath tub. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of S. Watson Run in Meadville
Vicinity of Shaw Avenue in Meadville
Wanting a small master bathroom updated
Vicinity of Randolph Street in Meadville
I have a bath tub I want reglazed and need an insert also
Vicinity of Raymond Drive in Meadville
I wanted to get an estimate to have our tub reglazed. Interested to see how much that would cost.
Vicinity of Market Street in Meadville
I am remodeling my bathroom and need my clawfoot tub restored.
Vicinity of Gilmore St in Meadville
Water in basement
Vicinity of Shadow Oaks Drive in Meadville
Wet basement
Vicinity of Jackson Avenue in Meadville
The walls are already showing signs of bowing. The water brings in mud. It has been getting steadily worse for the past 5 years.
Vicinity of Arthur St in Meadville
Older Fiberglass tub needs refinished and color changed to white.
Vicinity of Harmonsburg Road in Meadville
Quote to re glaze a bathtub
Vicinity of Kuhn St in Meadville
Hi folks, I have an old cast Iron tub which has been refinished (using over the counter products) years ago. That has since flaked off and rust has appeared on the tub floor. I am also interested in replacing DRAIN and TUb/Shower Hardware. Secondary consideration will be given to a new surround. Thanks Rob
Vicinity of Davenport Street in Meadville
Wet basement, foundation dissolving.
Vicinity of Cullum Street in Meadville
I have an old claw-footed bathtub that badly needs reglazing inside. The finish is very worn, making it hard to clean. The tub is freestanding and has no shower curtain pole to work around. It is (or once was) white.
Vicinity of Franklin Pike in Meadville
New construction. 8 ft x 9 ft. Want walk-in/wheelchair/handicap accessible bathroom to code/compliance. Shower only, sink, commode. Grab bars as needed. Functional but attractive, not institutional looking. Medium price range.
Vicinity of Beers Ave. in Meadville
Basement wall has weep holes that let all the ground water come through making basement unusable and damp. Would like on estimate on an inside enclosed french drainage system
Vicinity of Westview Avenue in Meadville
I have a bowing wall. Would like to get quote for the bracing systme or carbonbelt system.
Vicinity of Martha Dr in Meadville
Vicinity of Plank Road in Meadville
We are going to finish our basement and it has a small amount of water leaking inside. Its not to bad, but if we are going to finish it off then I want to make sure it is dry so we don't get a mold problem. It also has cement steps coming into the basement from the outside and we get a little moisture from them also. I was just hoping I could have someone look at it and tell us what would be the best option. You came highly recommended from a friend!
Vicinity of Terrace St Ext in Meadville
Basement leaks around the foundation. Looking for a solution.
Vicinity of Randolph St in Meadville
Reglaze tub
Vicinity of Krider Road in Meadville
Water in basement
Vicinity of Sarah Drive in Meadville
I want to waterproof my basement! I have a sump pump and tiny leaks/musty smell/slight mold down there. Thinking indoor french drains...? I believe there is an underground spring in my backyard.
Vicinity of Hough Rd in Meadville
Our basement is wet and humid. There is black mold on the walls.
Vicinity of Chestnut Stret in Meadville
I have water in rhe basement
Vicinity of East College St in Meadville
Water wicking up into the brick in the front of the house. Damp basement, water damage to dry wall. Musty smell.
Vicinity of Blooming Valley Rd in Meadville
We have a dirt floor crawl space that has small amounts of standing water. We are concerned about the long term effects of this and would like to get it fixed. We have had the addition with the crawl space since 2007. I would like an estimate for sealing off the crawlspace and making it a healthier space.
Vicinity of Golden Drive in Meadville
Basement is 24x34x8. painted block walls. wet when it rains along floor and wall. one side is a little more damp all the time. sump pump is in place. dehumidifier runs always. curious on a quote. thanks
Vicinity of Stauffer Road in Meadville
I need you to quote the installation on a backup system.