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Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing Serving Erie, Crawford, Chautauqua, Warren & Ashtabula Areas

Don’t replace a worn, outdated bathtub –refinish it and score major savings on your bathroom makeover.

Are you holding off on doing a major bathroom makeover because it’s simply too expensive? Do you have a bathtub that’s an eyesore because of its dated color or worn-out finish? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’re a good candidate for bathtub refinishing/reglazing.

Sometimes referred to as bathtub refinishing/reglazing, this specialized refinishing process restores an existing bathtub to like-new condition, saving you the huge expense and hassle of tearing out and rebuilding your bathroom. Advanced coating technology makes it possible to refinish tubs of all types. If your tub’s original color is pink, blue or another pastel hue from yesteryear, don’t worry; the new finish can be bright white or another more suitable color.

Klein Home Solutions can refinish fiberglass, acrylic, and traditional porcelain tubs in homes throughout Greater Erie. We can even use this proprietary bathtub refinishing/reglazing process on old-fashioned clawfoot tubs. In all cases, the bathtub stays in place, and the refinished/reglazed tub is ready to use in just 24 hours.

A multi-step, high-tech refinishing process

A typical bathtub refinishing job begins with technicians protecting your bathroom with drop cloths and setting up a fan to exhaust dust and finishing fumes to the outside. Then they complete the following steps to refinish your tub.

– Masking. Using tape and heavyweight kraft paper, workers completely cover all nearby wall surfaces, tub faucets, and other fixtures so that they won’t be in contact with cleaning and finishing materials.

– Cleaning & sanding. All the old caulk is removed between the wall and tub, then a special cleaning compound is used (along with a considerable amount of elbow grease) to remove soap scum, stains, and filmy deposits. The hand-sanding process that follows will “scuff” the tub surface to promote good adhesion of primer and finish coats.

– Primer coat. The tub and bathroom are thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust and debris. Then a technician uses spray equipment to completely coat the bathtub with a primer that’s highly adhesive. It’s designed to chemically fuse with the tub surface and with finish coats.

– Finish coats. Formulated with super-strong urethane resins, the finish is sprayed over the tub surface in several thin coats. The “new” tub can be used after the finish has cured for 24 hours. The refinishing process produces a glossy, uniform surface with superior resistance to stains, chemicals, impacts, and abrasion.

The Tub Step-through System: An affordable solution for independence in the bath

Our signature Tub Step-through system grants easier access for all existing bathtubs. It can be installed in any fiberglass or metal tub within one day and allow you to safely step through into the tub rather than over it.

Our installation process uses custom-fitted panels that become integrated with the tub’s construction, giving it a watertight fit and factory-made look. The removed section of the tub can even be replaced after, restoring the tub to its original condition.

Contact us today at 1-833-719-3790 for a free estimate on the Tub Step-through system!

Tub surrounds, shower rods, and other makeover options

Saving money by refinishing instead of replacing a bathtub often enables a homeowner to have other work done for a more dramatic bathroom renovation. For example, this is the perfect time to install a new showerhead and new faucets. Klein Home Solutions can cover the old tile walls surrounding a tub with a seamless acrylic tub surround that compliments the appearance of a refinished tub. How about removing an ugly, outdated shower door and replacing it with either a curving “Crescent” shower rod or a new “trackless” shower door? You might also consider adding grab bars to make your bathtub safer.

To learn more about the bath and shower products we offer in Ashtabula, Erie, Chautauqua, Warren and throughout Pennsylvania and New York, contact us for a Free Estimate.

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